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4th-May-2012 04:02 pm
SV: Oliver: Meet Me in Bed!
So I have a training I'm presenting next week (on Wednesday). I usually give out prizes during this training, but this time I want to do something a little different. I'm wanting to put together small de-stress kits for the seven people taking the training. Sort of along the lines of this. But while it's cute, I'm wanting to put together something a little more useful and more creative.

So if someone was going to give YOU a de-stress kit, what would you hope was in it?
4th-May-2012 09:36 pm (UTC)
"Wine" is not the answer you're looking for, right? 'Cause I would want wine. :D

The kit you linked to is cute, but since everything in there seemed symbolic rather than practical, I don't think any of it would have de-stressed me much. At the same time I understand you probably don't have a ton of time or money to spend on this.

**When we do a conference for our staff, we give them something to play with because research indicates that people can listen better if they have something to do with their hands while they're listening. So one day we put individual little jars of Play-Doh on the tables in front of them; on another day we put multicolored bendy sticks. Both were a huge hit. Even something as simple as a few crayons and a little homemade notepad of blank paper to draw on (or covering the tables/desks where they're sitting with butcher paper) would work--just something where they can be creative.

**Something pretty/decorative that they can put up at their desk or cubicle to look at: a magnet or button or a pretty scenic photo, like of a beach (don't have to spend money, could be something online you just download/print)

**Instructions for a meditation/relaxation--better yet, if you've got some blank CDs you can burn it to, download a short guided meditation audio or vid

**Chocolate, duh

**If you've got the budget, something soothingly scented and/or pampering, like a sample or travel-size bottle of lavender- or sandalwood-scented lotion would be nice.

Those are off the top of my head. If I can think of anything else I'll let you know. :)
4th-May-2012 11:16 pm (UTC)
These are great ideas. I love the mixed CD idea because I have TONS of blank CDs and tons of great relaxing music. Also lots of chocolate already.

And I really like the idea of the play-doh at training. Interesting!! Thanks :D
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